Monday, January 8, 2018

No New Year New Me


     Hey you all are grown, and to be quite frank you can do whatever you want.  This is just my view on the whole "New Year New Me" point of view it's not written in stone there are no real rules to this thing we call life!


    This is going to be short and sweet so here goes.

    Last year you decided you were going to do amazing things THIS YEAR, is that right, please correct me if I'm wrong.   Realistically aren't you already fabulous and aren't you already on the right track.  You already have your game plan in hand so why wait please tell me why you are scared.  Is it because almost EVERYONE goes into the new year with the same plan and 4 weeks in more then half say, you know what next year is going to be my year this isn't going to work out.


Can I give you a piece of advice?  You don't have to take it but, I really need you to listen I'm going to give you my secret on how I finally started to see a turn around.  Slow and steady as it may be,  it's working and progress is progress!!  Stop waiting and just do it you know what you want you are on the right track just push and be consistent it won't be easy, but I promise all of those late nights will be worth it.  A very degreed self made sister told me that, and it's not that I didn't already know it; I just needed to hear it.  So I'm saying it to you and you and you so that you don't give up in 3 weeks and wait another year.  If you do give up you will just keep being stuck and discouraged!

You are already the you that you need to be to do whatever it is you want to do. Now put on your big girl drawls and do it!! 

No Need to be new just keep doing You....AND THATS MY WORD!


PANTS belk though I couldn't find them Lane Bryant has some simular ones here

The shirt is from Torrid, but its a few seasons ago and I couldn't find a dupe.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Lady In Red

     You dolls and gems have seen the pictures everywhere.   I've even gotten 2 features since that Red Dress  shoot.  That darn Red dress, you can call me "The Lady in Red". 

                       The back story

     So as you guys now know I am stepping back into modeling.  Well I needed to update few things, since dropping some weight, and in picking clothing; I decided what the hey, let's shop the closet! I do have to apologize.  I didn't get the picture, but the shoes I went against the typical, and I did black.  I did this, because to me red and black is a combination that dreams are made of.  I picked that dress, here's why:

1) its a favorite 

2) red it trending for the holiday season

3) I'm in the south and I didn't want to      burn up 

4) did I mention my curves in this hot  sexy yet classic number

  The dress is actually a convertible 2 way. You you can wear it front or back shoulders up or down or both. It's a floor length gown as well.  It is a bodycon maxi dress, so if you are shy its not the dress for you, but the boutique where I purchased do have other beautiful options. 

The jewelry is from Dillards Department store some I already hadas well.  They usually carry simular style pieces so finding something close should not be a problem.

As I stated I did shop my closet, but guess what you can still purchase her. The  Monroe Dress is everything. 

The Amazing Photographer Wil Norwood of @photoanomaly took the photos, Thank You so much Wil.

Until Next time Dolls & Gems 😘

**This Is Not A Sponsored Post These thoughts are My Own + There is no dollar amount that would make me lie to you all!**

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Bra Info| Bra Hacks| Best Bras for A wardrobe- Naava Ramirez| Plus Bras

  In the world of intimate we all know the Bra as the mistreated unwanted stepchild, think Cinderella. This is why I have decided to share some things that I learned over the years ladies that may struggle a bit or that have had a run in with a not so honest Intimates Specialist may benefit from this post.  I will go into details that I did not touch in the video.
All About Bras Video

** Fun fact did you know 80% of women wear the wrong size bra? This means you are not alone in your struggle. 

    About my pool of knowledge for those that are curious, I received My initial training from Lane Bryant.  There I received some hard core training and had to be the best of the best and A good teacher. I later landed at Belk Department store and there I had the opportunity to help women from all walks of life with some unique special needs.  Now combine that with the fact that I was a DDD at the young ripe age of 15, (loads of personal experience) I think you are in pretty good hands information wise.

**Fun fact about me I have done over 500 bra and intimate apparel fittings.  Now that a lot of Boobies!

             All about Bras Video

First of all you should know how to measure.  This should be done wearing a none lined or very lightly lined bra. 
1.  Measure around you bust using a measuring tape. (Remember that #)
2.  Measure around your underbust
      (Remember that #)
3. Subtract the bottom # from the top 2 in difference is a B, 3 a C ,4 a D, 5 a DD, 6 DDD etc your band number is the second #.

Ex.  My Mom is 38 around her underbust when I subtract the 2 number's #'s there is a 3 inch difference her size is a 38C.  Now that I think of it I need to double check that since she has lost so much weight lately.

**Fun fact : Did you know that how your breast age over the years is Partly genetic and partly environmental.

     Now I'm going to jump right in and tell you from my experiences the category of bras that I feel are necessary for any modern woman's wardrobe.  Keep in mind there are several different style within each Category.

The Plunge Cut Bra
Great for deep V neck and Plunging necklines

The Balconette Cut Bra
Great for everyday wear

The Strapless Cut Bra
Great for strapless style tops or tops with very thin straps

The Sport Cut Bra
Great if you are working out
Or being very active playing sports

The Wireless Cut Bra
Great if you are sensitive to wires and or if you are lounging and just want to be a little free

** BONUS**
Special Sizing F, G, H

Speciality Bras
Post Surgical , Nursing,  Etc

     Remember every set of Breast are made differently and every bra will not work for everyone. You may be a demi style diva or full coverage  may be more your speed.  The long line bra may peak your fancy. Trust that I'm ready to find a reason to buy one, but whatever the case look around there is literally ALMOST something for everyone and even if its not you can use these bras as a guideline.

My Favorites Styles With These.       Categorie of Bra Videos

    Over the years I have learned some interesting and amazing HACKS or as I like to say Stuff you need to know when you have 20lbs on your chest and I'm going to share my top 5 need to know HACKS.

1. If your straps are sliding try adjusting them all the way or criss cross if it's a convertible strap bra if that does not work TRY THIS it does not work your band may be to large.

2. If you need a racer style bra try this  THIS it also helps with slipping straps.

3. Are your cups gapping and hallowed with extra space if so try adjust your straps.  Your cup is likely to big if this does not work try going down.

4. Do you have double boobs if so Sis go up a cup, because it's just to small I promise it's not sexy, but if that's the look you are going for more power to you.

5.  My pet peeve, are your bands digging if so try loosening your straps and if this does not work your band and/or cup is to small. Try going up to see how that works.

**Bonus: Is you back strap riding your back meaning going up to high?  Your strap is probably to small.  I've also seen where in this case so is the cup so check them both to see which it is??   This is a BONUS so is your strap sliding down to low are your breast sagging?  Then try going down in your band if that does not work try going down in your cup it could be that as well.

This about wraps this post up.  Like I said before no breast are equal....actually that's not true ,but that's another laughing memories.  The point I'm trying to make is there are exceptions to every rule.  Bras and Brands are cut different fabrics and wires make a difference you can play with bands and sizes to get a bra to work though its not something I like doing. Explore Lane Bryant Caciques site you may be surprised what you find and like.  A small tip A lot of the bras have matching undies sometimes more then one !! Don't stress about breast get your girlfriends and make a day of it be on line or in store.  Last Tip invest in a Lingerie Wash Bag .

All About Bras Video

I said I would mention other brand here ,but how about if you need that info just leave a comment!!  Don't forget to subscribe!  And I hope this helped someone!!


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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

March Jacobs Coconut Gel Highlighter

want to know how i got the look check out my insta
 I'll get right to the point you all know I am a huge beauty enthusiast, well it finally paid off I received the NEW March Jacobs Coconut Gel Highlighter through influenster and I must say it's worth every bit of the $44.00 Price tag that it's selling for in Sephora.
I'll just post the pictures and you can see for yourself. I'll link the video I have wearing it so you can see the sheer magnitude of the dewy glow.

The #marcjacobs drops where #complimentary  sent to my via @influenster for testing #coconutglow

Added it on top of my No7 Caramel Lipstick next level glow

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Friday, October 9, 2015

A Reintroduction

I'm going to start off with a rundown of life since my last update as if I have a million followers, but I'm hopeful and I appreciate the followers I do have.  Since my last post I've got a new job (which I loved), moved lost 45lbs got pregnant got so sick I had to quit working  gained 100lbs had a little girl had moms spend a month with us, I MISS HER NOW BTW... but she is down most weekends I think she's scared the baby will forget her. Oh I got married!!! At first like any new parents we were so paranoid so no frontal facial pictures were allowed then we loosened a bit I started her a gram town on insta @beautiyasmin. I've been able to get back to my roots my original love MAKEUP YAY!!  @Beautyconbynaava on insta and FB  ...just leave out the y in by for snapchat I'm there too! My website is on wix when I build a following I'll buy the domain but, until then wix it is I should do better by updating it....HOLD UP I'm rambling now back to business.  I started another blog I know right why but it completely dedicated to my healthy lifestyle journey making my way back to where I was wins and fails experiments and all.....fat, fabulous & fit that's the name ...incase you are interested.  I've discovered many hidden jewels that I can share with you and I'm so ready to jump back in!  This was completely typed as it came to me errors and all that's how life is errors and all AND THAT'S MY WORD!

Smart as a whip I have a 1 year old!


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Spring & Summer Trends+ Me!

shirt:Torrid, jeans:belk, shoes:just fab So Many Trends I really don't know where to start dolls, but since last we met I have been promoted at work as the Michael Kors Specialist-- Yah Me!! I have cards and everything is official, official!!
I've been working my hardest & so far we are doing awesome in my shop!! Thanks to my co-works for dealing with my pickiness, but it has to be done. They will be receiving a surprise cake or something from me--I'm awesome in the kitchen!! SIDETRACKED BACK TO TRENDS!! You all know I love Color, but I'll get to those later, KINDA --- MAKE A BOLD STATEMENT WITH NEUTRALS!!!
Still learning this new format on BlogSpot's recent update, so excuse the Mess---Trends are what they are " in the famous words of Heidi Klum" one minute you're in the next your not. Do what works-- make a complete color story out of only neutrals if you like-remember gold can be a neutral if used correctly. Personally I'm a Diva that likes just a pop of color even if its just on the lips-- Do You Don't follow the crowd if we all did that we would be a bland pallet with totally unbeat faces!! And that's my word!!