Wednesday, April 19, 2017

March Jacobs Coconut Gel Highlighter

want to know how i got the look check out my insta
 I'll get right to the point you all know I am a huge beauty enthusiast, well it finally paid off I received the NEW March Jacobs Coconut Gel Highlighter through influenster and I must say it's worth every bit of the $44.00 Price tag that it's selling for in Sephora.
I'll just post the pictures and you can see for yourself. I'll link the video I have wearing it so you can see the sheer magnitude of the dewy glow.

The #marcjacobs drops where #complimentary  sent to my via @influenster for testing #coconutglow

Added it on top of my No7 Caramel Lipstick next level glow

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No Face Makeup Just the Drops

Do what you want to Dew wear what you want to wear and if you can manage to get free makeup heck go for it, and that's My Word!! The link to Influenster is included up top!!

Just Because this photo is not edited 

Friday, October 9, 2015

A Reintroduction

I'm going to start off with a rundown of life since my last update as if I have a million followers, but I'm hopeful and I appreciate the followers I do have.  Since my last post I've got a new job (which I loved), moved lost 45lbs got pregnant got so sick I had to quit working  gained 100lbs had a little girl had moms spend a month with us, I MISS HER NOW BTW... but she is down most weekends I think she's scared the baby will forget her. Oh I got married!!! At first like any new parents we were so paranoid so no frontal facial pictures were allowed then we loosened a bit I started her a gram town on insta @beautiyasmin. I've been able to get back to my roots my original love MAKEUP YAY!!  @Beautyconbynaava on insta and FB  ...just leave out the y in by for snapchat I'm there too! My website is on wix when I build a following I'll buy the domain but, until then wix it is I should do better by updating it....HOLD UP I'm rambling now back to business.  I started another blog I know right why but it completely dedicated to my healthy lifestyle journey making my way back to where I was wins and fails experiments and all.....fat, fabulous & fit that's the name ...incase you are interested.  I've discovered many hidden jewels that I can share with you and I'm so ready to jump back in!  This was completely typed as it came to me errors and all that's how life is errors and all AND THAT'S MY WORD!

Smart as a whip I have a 1 year old!


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Spring & Summer Trends+ Me!

shirt:Torrid, jeans:belk, shoes:just fab So Many Trends I really don't know where to start dolls, but since last we met I have been promoted at work as the Michael Kors Specialist-- Yah Me!! I have cards and everything is official, official!!
I've been working my hardest & so far we are doing awesome in my shop!! Thanks to my co-works for dealing with my pickiness, but it has to be done. They will be receiving a surprise cake or something from me--I'm awesome in the kitchen!! SIDETRACKED BACK TO TRENDS!! You all know I love Color, but I'll get to those later, KINDA --- MAKE A BOLD STATEMENT WITH NEUTRALS!!!
Still learning this new format on BlogSpot's recent update, so excuse the Mess---Trends are what they are " in the famous words of Heidi Klum" one minute you're in the next your not. Do what works-- make a complete color story out of only neutrals if you like-remember gold can be a neutral if used correctly. Personally I'm a Diva that likes just a pop of color even if its just on the lips-- Do You Don't follow the crowd if we all did that we would be a bland pallet with totally unbeat faces!! And that's my word!!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Spring is in the Air-- Trends and Baring It All

It took me decades to update my for my New Years Post-- now here I go hitting two updates in one day/night I'm on a roll allergies & All (Benadryl) to the rescue-- well I've been seeing and noticing and itching to let you in on the obvious trends of the season-- well not all of them.... we will start with swim---sorry but this one is for my Size Sexy Divas!! Find the first suits & more on ASHLEYSTEWART.COM & THE SECOND ON FOREVER21.COM--TORRID AND LANE BRYANT HAS SOME AWESOME SUITS AS WELL!!! ON TO THE SPRING JACKETS!!--WHICH I'M LOVING AND THE COLORS OH YEAH SPOT THE TREND!! Yes a flashback to the 80's the time during which I was born denim is back 1st jacket (ASHLEYSTEWART.COM) AND vibrant shades of blue everyone- I'm loving this one because I can werk color blue in any shade (TORRID.COM) & last the faux leather is here to stay from (FOREVER21.COM)--- JUST A QUICK TOUCH ON WHAT TO KEEP AND EYE ON--- I KNOW it's been a long time up I hope you have been able to keep track of me on my other social networks (facebook, twitter, intagram) the links are on the side-- if you want to keep up with my on goings in btw my Blog posts--- Well the Benadryl is kicking full force so I have to hurry up and finish before I start typing out of the side of my head--- it is what it is but do remember every trend is not fore everyone and take those trends that work for you and make them your own--oh yeah did I mention to you that I got a promotion as the Micheal Kors specialist at work yep --AND THATS MY WORD!!

The Grinch Didn't Steal Christmas (My Holiday Season)

Lets see it started with a ball and a red dress
Well Actually let me rewind it didn't really start there in the mist of all of the chaos of the the season (I work retail as you all know) a bullet few and My Madea (my grandmother) died and really it was unexpected and out of the blue LITTERALLY!! Everyone buckled down did what they had to do and we made it threw. Even my mother did and I'm happy about that because to be honest I just wasn't sure that she would-- that's another story for another day--but I put my well rehearsed happy strong face on and well now I'm here and now. Now that I think of it that was also the week I met my real life angel or as close to one as you can get that is human-- and that is as much as you need to know about him--but it made me realize though everything does happen for a reason-- and to think that's my favorite saying-- ANYWAYS! Me the night before the funeral-- because Madea would have just told me to fix my face so a smile was in order (as much as people thought they knew) they didn't-- we really had a special relationship that took until I was almost grown to develop, but it was worth the wait-- Fast forward--and it ended with a black dress-- well two of them they were both fabulous I enjoyed with a few of my coworkers another ball--I only went to two of them of course you have to be invited--and since most people know I am a mostly anti-social work-a-holic those invites don't just come rolling in though- I must admit I was invited to another but, I was working-- bye the end of the night on the second--- This was me dead tired I mean I work so much I actually got dressed at the place--AFTER I CLOCKED OUT OF COURSE! And my brilliant coworker Serena got to laugh at all the craziness!! The other black dress well I don't have a picture in it that I Love, besides a silly selfie and the whole dress does not come close to showing---I love that dress can't wait until I have another good reason to wear it-- but it was New Years & I attempted to go out when I should have just went to church, but I did my year end/in prayer ( remember those Sunshine, Sirrena and Dana)-- I still do that!! The 1st picture is before I left home on my way to Dimples you all know and love that bar & the second picture was me after being there for about 30mins & realizing I should have taken my allergy meds first smoke is not my friend- I was gone in an hour!! What can I say do what you like play how you like live how you like what is suppose to be will now matter what--happy new years--AND THAT'S MY WORD

Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall Trends and STYLE VIXEN of the WEEK!!!

Well I decided to save the treat of the Style Vixen of the  Week first appearance until the Fall hit so here go Miss Drica---
Drica's philosophy may be simple, but her style choices may change at the drop of a dime

The Interview was Short in sweet--one of the things I like about--Drica is she gets straight the point usually with a smile and a laugh.

 Me: So What's your Style Philosophy--
Drica: Well I'm just a simple southern gal my style philosophy is simple I   love layering, long flowy skirts (anything feminine and pretty) and I love denim.

We were interviewing on our break and lunch and our beautiful Fashion Fair Cosmetologist--input which I agree with it not just the outside that shines with Drica it is her Beautiful Personality--She is a True Definition of a Southern Beauty inside and out! One of her favorite shopping spots is Belk Dept. Store you can check them out at .You can follow her on instagram @only1drica and see what her story really is about...




1) Fitted Jacket & button down shirt paired with skinny leg denim & leopard close toe heels (also try the new silhouette shirts for a different look)

2) Sweater Dress paired with an Infiniti Scarf (scarf made by myself) and finished with matching jewelry & the perfect boot--this years trend riding boot of the season would go fabulously with the look as well.

3) Must have pencil skirts and tailored pants are back in for the season & hopefully it sticks around paired with a cute shoe with a  pop of color & a statement bracelet.

4)This last one is my favorite trend the legging with the accent leather paired with an open front cardigan accented with leather on the shoulders and finished with a nude shoe accessorized with statement earrings and a skinny belt

Love those jeans or my dress look below--click the link on the right to connect to one of my secret shops

Click the blinking Banner to the right to connect to Torrid
 Style is what you make it your personality determines your style every trend is not for everybody so go with what     works for you....there are rules, but if you have true style you know that rules are meant to be broken and that's my words.


**If you Think you have FABOLOUS STYLE and wish to submit to be STYLE VIXEN of the week simply Email your inquiry to