Tuesday, September 11, 2012

GlamDiva on a Budget

    So in classic me fashion I submit self impossed challenges that well I dare myself to rise to when I get bored or feel stuck on the same level--well it can be aggrevating to myself but benifical to others.

    A few days ago I promised a new foundation (well for me) with stunning result--but this time there is an extra perk...it's actually affordable without a discount-- it has formulas for the different skin types, 24 hr staying power and a flawless almost undetectable finish that covers and blends perfectly without much cellphone transfer<<--makeup wearers know what that is>>>


   Oh and it's of Department store Quality because that what it was originally marketed as---until Walmart threw the big dollars their way or atleast that what it seems happened......

Revlon Colorstay true to the name I'm Caramel
                                        Not to forget the finisher that holds it all in place....
Translucent Finishing Powder
Now I'm going to go on my rant for those that are not knowledgable in knowing that liquid makeup is not made to penetrate the skin and does not and will not break you out (there are exceptions like alergies) it's how you take care of your skin and what you put in your body that does that. And even for those exeptions there is special makeup for that....every woman wants to razzle and dazzle every now and then there is nothing wrong with exploring and finding your other beauty...


Natural Beauty is all always will top any form of beauty but hey every girl likes to play dress up even the the tomboy types....And That's My Word!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Hair & Something for the Pearly Whites

rubbing back and forward across teeth
      I have a serious problem when my false nails are whiter then my pearly whites and let me tell you I have some bright pearls. In classic Naava fashion I went on a quest to find a (NATURAL) solution to the problem and boy did I find one.  In all honesty--I have used all of the store bought teeth whiteners and my favorite actually was the Aquafresh.  The first problem with that is it's expensive and the second problem with it is it's expensive get my drift....

   I have found a solution and it's effects last longer then a day.   Sorry for those of you that are allergic I truly understand I have a fruit allergy though I don't plan on revealing which fruit-- STRAWBERRIES--that's right they whiten the pearly whites even more. 

      There are multiply ways of achieving the whitening effects of the strawberry, but I will tell you the way I found most effective for me it is a preference you can find what works for you if you find my way to messy.


 <<<Well to be honest I first tried the paste with the baking soda and strawberries--not a big fan.


   So I went to the other method direct application for 5 min to 10 min. <<PIC UP TOP--  Then I rinse with hydrogen peroxide 1 part and water 3 parts then I brushed as normal and you finish with  flossing just in case you left a strawberry seed behind.    SOME PEOPLE MY BE ALLERGIC to the hydrogen peroxide in that case you may want to do the brush with the baking soda  which is equally taste nasty, but is known for it whitening powers.                 

         WHITE AS WHITE NICE HUH.....?


NOW A DIFFERENT CHANNEL HAIR AS I CLEARLY PROMISED IN THE TITLE....just and update newsflash whatever your preference in word play.

    Hair, hair, hair for the most part we all love our hair it is our crowning glory...I just wanted to drop a note and let you all know that bangs are back with a vengeance. However you rock be in in a pony or wavy curly as my friend Gwen does ...you better rock it with style. That covers the ummm blonds and permed divas<<<no pun intended>>> now something for well we will say a none permed woman of color texture...I think that word play works just perfectly....

   In the Black Community there is a movement of women either doing the big chop or doing a grow out with protective styling ...personally I did the grow out because 1) my tush is to big for short hair  2) my head is to big for short hair oh and  3) I would have so experienced length shock. To each her own I always say.....to most women or at least all I have run into the natural thing is suppose to some big revelation on going natural well in normal Naava fashion you know I don't feel the same-- my thing was this just as with pork I never liked it so I stopped digesting it eventually--with my hair I really disliked perms I use to be a straight natural when I was growing up until little miss lady started burning me and a whole other story--- anyways I eventually just stopped perming my hair what is so grand about wearing ya hair the way it comes out of your scalp I'm just saying....you learn to commit in a relationship not though hair you are stuck with that it's not really something you choose now you can choose not to have it by chopping it off but then that's all on you---

   Now enough ranting-- as I type this I am flipping frantically through a mound of hair magazines trying to decide what I'm going to do with my mop of hair for next week. Who knows and I am also thinking about what the next update will be about and I will either be the review of this summer hottest trends or My Hair a more in-dept look at the natural movement and product reviews and whats in my stack of goodies and how I'm about to ....oh well anyways.....


      Whatever you choose to do it well no matter what it may be a hidden talent, work and of course your hair.  Things in life will always come and go, but you will always have to live with the decision you chose to make so let no one person of little importance influence those big decisions...And that's My Word!!! 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

America the Beautiful ...Happy 4th all.....

Dress Belk.com, bracelet Forever 21, lipstick lancome

  With the 4th here....happy birthday freedom to America as one sided as it was---another story and blog completely for another day, but I felt the need to update show another fab look and give 3 tips that those that decide to party like rock stars tonight may need in the morning and well probably for the rest of the week....MY BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW SO I'M IN LINE TO DON'T FEEL ALONE....







Tips to save your week and jobs,etc...

   Deflate Puffy Eyes

   Caffeinated tea bags will help reduce swollen eyes. Simply soak in water then leave the entire bag on each eye for 5 to10 minutes. If you are allergic use the spoons left in the freezer for 5 to 10 min and place over and under eyes.

  Conceal Your Pucker

I use the tea bags and spoons on a regular along with my skincare
  Use a bit of foundation/concealer on your lips before applying your lipstick. It give all day staying power. My favorite tip....for the look to the left i actually went 2 shades lighter with my concealer  to get a different look from my lipstick







Burn Free (I suppose this would go under etc)

  For those of you prone to get razor burned a.s.a.p. post shower meaning right after you get out use your             deodorant  on those areas to help stop the bumps from appearing....even the bikini line...seriously..

Purse London Fog, makeup NaavaL
      Let's see words of wisdom...always be true to you blah blah blah ...today with it being the holiday  all I'm going to say follow your gut if something seems funny get out  and or out of the way don't drive drunk not even saying that I condone drinking, but it happens be safe have fun and ....ummm and again my birthday is tomorrow I accept all forms of happy birthday....cash, checks, gift cards, american express you know....and That's My Word....

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Beauty in Simplicity...

 With the 4th of July right around the corner I've decided to take a different route--and give actual tip and Ideas that you can really use.

 Most of us will be attending bar-b-ques and parties --And--we all want to put our best self forward for all the pictures and memories we will have- with that said---WE ALL still want to be comfortable...my advice try a number like this (LONDON TIMESShop Dresses colorful number I have on  or something similar this is more of the kimono style dress that has been popular this season, but a maxi (they compliment every body type) Shop More Dresses is perfectly fine paired with a simple or not so simple perfect flat<< I have found since I've been back people in my part of the south love flats (with everything) I'm a heel diva myself but with all these hills I have figured out why..... as far as shoes go....scroll down

Beauty Shortcut Tips of the week: 

 1)  Placing your best face forward for those of you male or female with wild unmanageable eyebrows spray hairspray on a toothbrush and there you have it tamed without a trip to the salon/shop.

2) You know that glow that most movie stars always seem to have perfectly placed on there cheeks that because its just that--here's the secret get a nude lip gloss and place on the apples of your cheeks and you will have a movie star glow.
**Personally I use Fashion Fairs Shimmer Powder well unless I am in not at home and need that glow I carry a nude lip gloss with me everywhere....I know you are very welcome...


 3)  Earlier I spoke of finding the perfect pair of flats that will go with       anything  well honestly these are not my ideal, but they work perfectly fine I found these at Shoe Dept.--I won't even talk about the horrid customer service the Manager gave me--the others were awesome though--- anyways back to tip #3 open foot shoes go have plenty to do with making sure your feet are on point-- Olive oil generously rub olive oil over your feet before bed and put on socks when you  awake in the morning -- I promise the Dogs<<your feet will me nice and soft....Click on any of my favorite shopping links in the tab above and you can find a perfect flat....
Size 11/12 depending on the cut of the shoe
Hair,Makeup,Styling -Naava L.--photo: Louis Jr.

   At the end of that day regardless of what's in/out and what hot/not you have to love whatever you have on besides like my favorite saying goes "Everything style is not for every"body"....AND THAT'S MY WORD......until next time smoochies!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Magick in a Bottle....

    SO I had every intention of doing this post on something completely different....but, when you find Magick you just have to share it.....this is how it happened....at work everyone knows I'm a beauty junky SERIOUSLY....so all the new hot fab products I usually find out about with a quickness....this face can sell spray paint if applied correctly......ha...anyways... she says," I got something new I think you will like I say really she says yep...we walk to the counter...she pulls out the 3 colors that may be my general colors, the 1st one, nope its to like going to make me look ashy, 2nd one I say Idk about this one, but let me....OH MY GOSH....where did it go.....?" wish I could have videoed my reaction a perfect match....ummm
       (I AM AND WILL FOREVER BE A LANCOME CHICA) well until I find something with more products that my skin agree with anyways, but this was ESTEE LAUDER their new foundation....LOVE IT..... SO HERE GOES!

INTRODUCING THE NEW AND FABULOUS.....INVISIBLE FLUID MAKEUP<<IT'S JUST THAT INVISIBLE it makes your skin look flawless but the perks are it does not look like you really have makeup on and that celo smug virtually nonexistent, if lancomes-TEINT MIRACLE was my husband I would be having an AFFAIR, becuase I'm in LOVE!

In classic fashion though I love it i have to tell if it does have a flaw it does ,but me being me I found the solution...the product claims to be invisible which it most certainly is...remember my reaction up top so it you have problem skin that can be an issue but....that is the way to work around it ....if you seriously care to know how to over come that TINY issue leave a comment or message me either way...... 

  **One more thing from a Marketing perspective...I know blondie here is their most major target, but you can really see the results on someone with a deeper skin tone...my opinion they should have really used a tanned  woman or woman of color....to sell it it really would fly off shelves then.... from my experience.....   

Since I am talking about what I love may as well go ahead and tell you about 2 other products that i am cheating on my Lancome with....

 I you have a terribly oily T-Zone like myself....this is the Mother of Primers seriously you can you with or without makeup and just keeps you right all day..

  A steal on the lips....it has a shine in a category all its on because you have to use very little product it cost a little but is so worth it.....

Pure Color Sequin Lipgloss

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Put Your Best Face Foward

For advanced issues or just because you like the results(my serum of choice)

Just to keep things nice and youthful no major problem preventative Lancome
It didn't take long for me to decide what my topic would be about this go round...foundation it's what underneath that makes what is on top look ever the more flawless...with clothing and MAKEUP.  So what can I say there is no sweet or nice way to put it so I'll just be frank--  ladies and gents that decide to wear makeup  do yourself and others a favor and don't throw makeup on to cover up a problem that is still a problem!!!

  You really are  doing yourself and injustice.  Your  makeup won't look like mine or hers in the magazine if you don't take care of your skin the way I try my best to and hers is probably airbrushed to distortion of reality.  In other words get a routine even if you think you have good skin it's called preventative care. 

That's really all mine skin routine is  ,because I don't have major skin issues ( thanks to my parents good genes) if there is such a thing.  In the morning and at night this is what you should do in general: 1. Cleanse 2. Lightly put on a serum 3. Moisturize moisturize, moisturize I can't stress this enough even down to and around you neck and chest area this prevents those lines that you think just appear out of nowhere! Oh and healthy living you really are what you eat.

I drink 8 glasses of water a day
Perfect Example of Preventative Skin Care--EsteeLauder

I will say this it is ok to use the makeup  if you are treating your issues it helps everything look better if the skin in on a healthy path just have an awesome night routine.Just for the record if you do wear make up take it off every night I'm I just got finished dealing with a horror because of that!

Of the products listed I'm a Lancome chica myself my mother is an Estee Lauder user. I work with women that look 15 to 20yrs younger then what they are from the Estee Lauder...I've worked with others that proves Lancome has similar results....honestly you just have to try them and see......there are plenty other brands take your pick,but do pick something...Beauty is Timeless--but the Life of Your Skin Isn't!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Foundation is Key-Back to Basics!!

    I could start out by telling you how color is all the rage for the season or don't be scared to do prints, but I won't because STYLE goes deeper then that....it start at the core with foundation. And Dolls when I say foundation I'm not speaking on makeup just in case someone is having a slow moment-I needed to clarify that.
     My favorite phrase is " you need a suck me tuck me in" old school girdle  and new school that translates into:              
  Miracle Suit/Som


   There are many other brands and hey Walmart even has and all over one piece bra less that I love, but enough of  that....On to the bras which is near and dear to my heart...SHORT STORY ANYONE! 
Just a visual if you don't get my drift Lane Bryant/shapewear
     Here goes for years I kept being fitted at a size 44DD not because I really was, but because someone was just trying to get a sell and this was all before I knew anything about that world now-a-days you can't tell me anything--well mostly because I love learning, but you get the point--I could almost bra fit with my eyes closed...

So you can see why having an as close to perfect fitting bra as possible is near and dear to my heart it shave up to 10lbs off you visually when you are really heavy busted  and it makes your clothes look amazing heavy busts or not.  I can't stress this enough...FOUNDATION IS KEY...I don't care how cute the outfit is on the Plastic Person! Plastic Figures are made to be perfect in there own right....I'm just saying.
Photo:C.Russell-My true cup is a 38F, but my range is DDD fullcoverage to a G cup

     Just a note my top pick for bras is Lane Bryant I use to work there had the opportunity to try there product as far as bras go and to this day they have not failed me for small bust Maiden Form is my pick or Soma and they are both tried and proven....I love Victoria Secret, but not for their bras unless you just need pretty and sexy....had to many customer say the same thing that came to LB from there when it came to bra....


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Coming Soon!!!

Photo By: Analomy13
Style, beauty and fashion updates, tips and links all you want and don't want to know.....I just don't like to keep repeating my self so my secrets revealed right here....but even with....always remember....a magazine can only teach you so much...it's not a science its an Art With a Fierce Spirit.  STYLE either you have it or you don't !!!!