Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall Trends and STYLE VIXEN of the WEEK!!!

Well I decided to save the treat of the Style Vixen of the  Week first appearance until the Fall hit so here go Miss Drica---
Drica's philosophy may be simple, but her style choices may change at the drop of a dime

The Interview was Short in sweet--one of the things I like about--Drica is she gets straight the point usually with a smile and a laugh.

 Me: So What's your Style Philosophy--
Drica: Well I'm just a simple southern gal my style philosophy is simple I   love layering, long flowy skirts (anything feminine and pretty) and I love denim.

We were interviewing on our break and lunch and our beautiful Fashion Fair Cosmetologist--input which I agree with it not just the outside that shines with Drica it is her Beautiful Personality--She is a True Definition of a Southern Beauty inside and out! One of her favorite shopping spots is Belk Dept. Store you can check them out at .You can follow her on instagram @only1drica and see what her story really is about...




1) Fitted Jacket & button down shirt paired with skinny leg denim & leopard close toe heels (also try the new silhouette shirts for a different look)

2) Sweater Dress paired with an Infiniti Scarf (scarf made by myself) and finished with matching jewelry & the perfect boot--this years trend riding boot of the season would go fabulously with the look as well.

3) Must have pencil skirts and tailored pants are back in for the season & hopefully it sticks around paired with a cute shoe with a  pop of color & a statement bracelet.

4)This last one is my favorite trend the legging with the accent leather paired with an open front cardigan accented with leather on the shoulders and finished with a nude shoe accessorized with statement earrings and a skinny belt

Love those jeans or my dress look below--click the link on the right to connect to one of my secret shops

Click the blinking Banner to the right to connect to Torrid
 Style is what you make it your personality determines your style every trend is not for everybody so go with what     works for you....there are rules, but if you have true style you know that rules are meant to be broken and that's my words.


**If you Think you have FABOLOUS STYLE and wish to submit to be STYLE VIXEN of the week simply Email your inquiry to


Sunday, September 29, 2013

STYLECON: A Reintroduction of (SizeSexy) Fashion, Style & Beauty

Leopard Trend Print of the fall
     I often get asked what is STYLECON what's the point &  purpose why do you do it?  Well STYLECON, is my brainchild my baby a passion that started as a hobby that was just an outlet to get my thoughts on paper--ever meet anyone that thinks faster then they could possibly write or talk well now you have.  She started as a spot for me to talk style, fashion and beauty for a demographic that similar to myself, but just needed a little help.  I didn't have a specific goal when I started STYLECON she was as scatterbrained as I normally am (to many thoughts & ideas sometimes). She (STYLECON) started as my own special place--That's It!  I soon realized that people actually read her even though they don't follow her and I made a decision to make her the best & most unique BLOG She could be. So Now What is STYLECON?

    STYLECON she is a lot of things, but mostly she, is a unique blog that is steadily being created & recreated to help the Plus Beauties of the world realize you can be a celebrity in your own right when it comes to fashion and style.   It is a blog that does not recreate the style of others ie. celebrities and it does not deliver the latest hot gossip, instead it is meant to help you find your own style by presenting the styles and trends mostly favored by myself & some that aren't in  a central (comfort zone).  I'm not knocking it because people love celebrities, and it works for those brilliant enough to do it correctly ( Garnerstyle: The Curvy Girl Guide), << one of my favorite bloggers, but ; I mean why recreate something from someone that 9 time of  10 didn't even dress themselves?!

                            HOPE I ANSWERED EVERYONES QUESTIONS!!

     Goodness knows I don't live to toot my own horn--but, I can honestly say that I have perfected the
art of walking in the room and making heads turn--literally-- I only aim to help others do the same.  Anyone that has ever experienced that-- knows the Feeling of full satisfaction!  Looking Fabulous and knowing that you do (without a doubt) when you walk in a room. It's quiet exhilarating!!!

STYLECON is on facebook, twitter and instagram if you want to get up close and personal I do lots of mini videos on insta and I am active so you can talk to me there or comment on the blog...or both.

Never forget thought that You can be as fashionable fit as anyone, but you have to realize the outfit does not make you--instead you make the outfit... AND THAT'S MY WORD!!!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Beauty and a Red Dress

I love the "age of the flapper" its when different was naughty and showing skin...was well just not Ladylike. Lets be straightforward though I love the way they dressed not the customs or unspoken rules if the time. The dress that laced my body this weekend was straight out of the pages of a magazine --only it was a blast of the past ---and I was in love y'all !!! here is the dress and shoes and all the goody info on them....

DRESS: Belk -SHOES: Belk (unlisted) - HAIR/MAKEUP: by me (foundation) Lancôme (lipstick) Chanel can shop it at

With that being said there Is a huge comeback in a style trend and ill be revealing that in my next update!!!!
ALSO STYLECON'S first Style Vixen of the Week!!!
Need less to say anyone that knows me knows my favorite color is RED!! So Lady in Red I was...HOPE YOU ALL ENJOYED IT ....because it was fun puttin that look together !!!
The Hair
I'm including this first because it part if the look and second because I was asked to---

This is actually how the back looked i never really let it hang--I used the oversized pin to pin it folding hair up and into s semi tight bun (the front) is curled back and then pinned back more for effect



For hair product details check out my instavideo--on Instagram @naaval2stylecon

Remember Dolls be who you want to be --size is just a number on the scale--and in the "age of the flapper" bones were for dogs--so ruff, ruff.....And that's my WORD!

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Summers End is Near-- a rehash!!!

With summers end right around the corner I've decided to go ahead and do a rehash of my favorite trends and styles . THAT BIG ANNOUNCEMENT I've been talking about yeah I'm going to go ahead and make that to...just decided to give the readers something NEW... Oh not until the end though ... So read on!

Summer Trends I Did Indulge-- in a Stylish Way!!

Starting from the top--HAIR

The big headpiece flowers--

My natural hair--not a trend to me November will mark 3 years...

Big hair oh yes I did and I werked it! 10 year class reunion...pic

I loved this trend in natural hair though I don't do the light dyes-- my lil sis y'all ...

Last but not least the Brazilian virgin Remy wavy-- my fav you will be seeing this again---


The natural golden glow...

Turquoise and blue -- love it... You will see this on into the fall

The Bronze Glow-- beautiful right...well the makeup is to-- my older sister y'all can't believe she let me do hair and makeup...a miracle !!

The lips-- y'all know red is my signature-- Chanel Passion love love

This to I mastered it--oh and my customers at work loved it-- to bad I'm not in cosmetics anymore

Can y'all believe she let me put a pink on her--big look this summer --she did kidnap me that's why I was looking like that

The pink bold and beautiful--all we do is bump heads but I love this woman to death--fashion fair actually has something close to this I would recommend though --I'm positive that's that Nicki Minaji (Mac) she is wearing--follower her on Instagram @boldisbecause

A collage of some of my eye looks that were my favorites once I started back doing my eyes---shadows from Lancôme & WINK follow them on Instagram @winkyoureyes


The bold geographic shoes--Target

Animal on my feet---

You know-- the unprescribed glasses

This one goes under random b/c it's a 2 in 1 ok 3 --the pink makeup we have been seeing all summer the hair -color and texture and the American flag trend that he is wearing--HUGE this summer

Just a trend I love-- the oversized clutch --follow on Instagram @realdivasarelarge

Couldn't bring myself to do it but lil sis indulged--those are her real nails btw--

**CLOTHING TRENDS OF THE SUMMER--boy did I indulge!!

Started with the linen since-- that shirt up top is also linen

Houndstooth --this one will be around for the fall-- in all forms y'all

Skinny leg everything--and tubes galore

I told y'all print was here to stay for awhile expect it all fall

One of my favorite customers one of my favorites of the summer the sheer top and the maxi skirt and trust she werked it

Yes I did and do...pencil skirts were everywhere and guess what it's not ending --they are coming back with a vengeance--and I'm so excited --Lane Bryant has a few I want

The sheer everything well I went there with my tops at least...

Black & white pinstripe and crop-top all in one yes I did...this one is going in into the fall Blk & wh...

Last but not least the high low dress ---I like to fell out when I heard my mom refer to it as that...I knew I had the fashion bug from mom & dad!!!

SINCE ITS PART OF weight loss progress I will share that with you all...

Before and after--- work in progress

Before and after---the 30 day squat challenge worked as u can see....protein and water in the mornings--- mucho water throughout the day --Ill be honest I still stay away from the scale so I don't know how much weight I have lost but I can wear 14w in dresses now and a lot if 16 in jeans....Down from 18w and 20w

Ill be adding a new feature to the blog call style divas of fashion where-- there is a chance to be featured on STYLECON-- all you have to do is submit 3 tasteful high quality pix---and iPhone pix do count ---to and include links to your Facebook and /or Instagram submitting private pages will result in you being skipped--you must also be following the blog-- Stylecon's Instagram @naaval2stylecon & Facebook --
Those featured will also get an insta shoutout feature and be featured on Facebook page ...

ON A PERSONAL NOTE::: my favorite moments of the summer

Meeting my beautiful niece for the first time--she already has my heart strings y'all

My Grandma's 85th birthday--i got to go for a little while--she's a cancer like myself....

My trip to Biloxi--it was so freeing

Beauty, style and fashion is is what you make plussize queen or not so take what you like from it forget the rules and werk it....and That's My Word!!!!

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