Sunday, April 29, 2012

Foundation is Key-Back to Basics!!

    I could start out by telling you how color is all the rage for the season or don't be scared to do prints, but I won't because STYLE goes deeper then start at the core with foundation. And Dolls when I say foundation I'm not speaking on makeup just in case someone is having a slow moment-I needed to clarify that.
     My favorite phrase is " you need a suck me tuck me in" old school girdle  and new school that translates into:              
  Miracle Suit/Som


   There are many other brands and hey Walmart even has and all over one piece bra less that I love, but enough of  that....On to the bras which is near and dear to my heart...SHORT STORY ANYONE! 
Just a visual if you don't get my drift Lane Bryant/shapewear
     Here goes for years I kept being fitted at a size 44DD not because I really was, but because someone was just trying to get a sell and this was all before I knew anything about that world now-a-days you can't tell me anything--well mostly because I love learning, but you get the point--I could almost bra fit with my eyes closed...

So you can see why having an as close to perfect fitting bra as possible is near and dear to my heart it shave up to 10lbs off you visually when you are really heavy busted  and it makes your clothes look amazing heavy busts or not.  I can't stress this enough...FOUNDATION IS KEY...I don't care how cute the outfit is on the Plastic Person! Plastic Figures are made to be perfect in there own right....I'm just saying.
Photo:C.Russell-My true cup is a 38F, but my range is DDD fullcoverage to a G cup

     Just a note my top pick for bras is Lane Bryant I use to work there had the opportunity to try there product as far as bras go and to this day they have not failed me for small bust Maiden Form is my pick or Soma and they are both tried and proven....I love Victoria Secret, but not for their bras unless you just need pretty and sexy....had to many customer say the same thing that came to LB from there when it came to bra....


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Coming Soon!!!

Photo By: Analomy13
Style, beauty and fashion updates, tips and links all you want and don't want to know.....I just don't like to keep repeating my self so my secrets revealed right here....but even with....always remember....a magazine can only teach you so's not a science its an Art With a Fierce Spirit.  STYLE either you have it or you don't !!!!