Friday, October 9, 2015

A Reintroduction

I'm going to start off with a rundown of life since my last update as if I have a million followers, but I'm hopeful and I appreciate the followers I do have.  Since my last post I've got a new job (which I loved), moved lost 45lbs got pregnant got so sick I had to quit working  gained 100lbs had a little girl had moms spend a month with us, I MISS HER NOW BTW... but she is down most weekends I think she's scared the baby will forget her. Oh I got married!!! At first like any new parents we were so paranoid so no frontal facial pictures were allowed then we loosened a bit I started her a gram town on insta @beautiyasmin. I've been able to get back to my roots my original love MAKEUP YAY!!  @Beautyconbynaava on insta and FB  ...just leave out the y in by for snapchat I'm there too! My website is on wix when I build a following I'll buy the domain but, until then wix it is I should do better by updating it....HOLD UP I'm rambling now back to business.  I started another blog I know right why but it completely dedicated to my healthy lifestyle journey making my way back to where I was wins and fails experiments and all.....fat, fabulous & fit that's the name ...incase you are interested.  I've discovered many hidden jewels that I can share with you and I'm so ready to jump back in!  This was completely typed as it came to me errors and all that's how life is errors and all AND THAT'S MY WORD!

Smart as a whip I have a 1 year old!