Saturday, May 26, 2012

Magick in a Bottle....

    SO I had every intention of doing this post on something completely different....but, when you find Magick you just have to share it.....this is how it work everyone knows I'm a beauty junky all the new hot fab products I usually find out about with a quickness....this face can sell spray paint if applied correctly......ha...anyways... she says," I got something new I think you will like I say really she says yep...we walk to the counter...she pulls out the 3 colors that may be my general colors, the 1st one, nope its to like going to make me look ashy, 2nd one I say Idk about this one, but let me....OH MY GOSH....where did it go.....?" wish I could have videoed my reaction a perfect match....ummm
       (I AM AND WILL FOREVER BE A LANCOME CHICA) well until I find something with more products that my skin agree with anyways, but this was ESTEE LAUDER their new foundation....LOVE IT..... SO HERE GOES!

INTRODUCING THE NEW AND FABULOUS.....INVISIBLE FLUID MAKEUP<<IT'S JUST THAT INVISIBLE it makes your skin look flawless but the perks are it does not look like you really have makeup on and that celo smug virtually nonexistent, if lancomes-TEINT MIRACLE was my husband I would be having an AFFAIR, becuase I'm in LOVE!

In classic fashion though I love it i have to tell if it does have a flaw it does ,but me being me I found the solution...the product claims to be invisible which it most certainly is...remember my reaction up top so it you have problem skin that can be an issue but....that is the way to work around it ....if you seriously care to know how to over come that TINY issue leave a comment or message me either way...... 

  **One more thing from a Marketing perspective...I know blondie here is their most major target, but you can really see the results on someone with a deeper skin opinion they should have really used a tanned  woman or woman of sell it it really would fly off shelves then.... from my experience.....   

Since I am talking about what I love may as well go ahead and tell you about 2 other products that i am cheating on my Lancome with....

 I you have a terribly oily T-Zone like myself....this is the Mother of Primers seriously you can you with or without makeup and just keeps you right all day..

  A steal on the has a shine in a category all its on because you have to use very little product it cost a little but is so worth it.....

Pure Color Sequin Lipgloss

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Put Your Best Face Foward

For advanced issues or just because you like the results(my serum of choice)

Just to keep things nice and youthful no major problem preventative Lancome
It didn't take long for me to decide what my topic would be about this go it's what underneath that makes what is on top look ever the more flawless...with clothing and MAKEUP.  So what can I say there is no sweet or nice way to put it so I'll just be frank--  ladies and gents that decide to wear makeup  do yourself and others a favor and don't throw makeup on to cover up a problem that is still a problem!!!

  You really are  doing yourself and injustice.  Your  makeup won't look like mine or hers in the magazine if you don't take care of your skin the way I try my best to and hers is probably airbrushed to distortion of reality.  In other words get a routine even if you think you have good skin it's called preventative care. 

That's really all mine skin routine is  ,because I don't have major skin issues ( thanks to my parents good genes) if there is such a thing.  In the morning and at night this is what you should do in general: 1. Cleanse 2. Lightly put on a serum 3. Moisturize moisturize, moisturize I can't stress this enough even down to and around you neck and chest area this prevents those lines that you think just appear out of nowhere! Oh and healthy living you really are what you eat.

I drink 8 glasses of water a day
Perfect Example of Preventative Skin Care--EsteeLauder

I will say this it is ok to use the makeup  if you are treating your issues it helps everything look better if the skin in on a healthy path just have an awesome night routine.Just for the record if you do wear make up take it off every night I'm I just got finished dealing with a horror because of that!

Of the products listed I'm a Lancome chica myself my mother is an Estee Lauder user. I work with women that look 15 to 20yrs younger then what they are from the Estee Lauder...I've worked with others that proves Lancome has similar results....honestly you just have to try them and see......there are plenty other brands take your pick,but do pick something...Beauty is Timeless--but the Life of Your Skin Isn't!