Thursday, February 14, 2013

Angry Black Woman

So I  must say this : Today a lady comes into  the store who I was assisting she was staring which does not bother me because its the norm (you never know what you will see me looking like)...still standing at the checkout out of the blue she says ...OH YOU MUST BE A FAN OF JILL in my calm polite voice i say "no not really" and she gets this blank wow look on her face and walks off....after they leave I sit there wondering why the question, cause you see at the time it didn't dawn on me that it is much assumed thats why i went say that only to say if its my hair, if its my smile, or even my style BLACK SISTER its ok to pay a compliment to another sister in free form  rater then bringing it down to the most unflattering is ok to LIFT one another up heck its one of the rules I live by. Why not? So many people are so quick to judge other races, BUT atleast it does not give them a sore throat to give a compliment geeze .   MY BLACK WOMEN GET IT TOGETHER AN YOU WONDER WHY WE ARE CLASSIFIED AS THE ANGRY SPECIES....I'M JUST SAYING!!!

Jill Scott is one of the most physically beautiful women I have ever seen and if I hear or music or any for that matter I'll listen I'm just not the go and hunt for a song type at any rate right now natural is suppose to be a trend .  I'm almost 3 years in I don't know why others do it but let me clear this up now.  I went natural because I never wanted a perm in the first place and when I becasue old enough and ready mentally enough to change back (well not completely cause when i was younger I was a straight not kinky natural) I did. NOT BECAUSE I WANNA LOOK LIKE JILL SCOTT.

     My black women learn to treat each other like the QUEENS we are don't down one another and well to be quite frank it not my fault that I have style and you still trying to figure out the definition of it.  Not to sound cocky-I consider myself confident.  If you like  I can give you advices, magazine, teach you the color wheel and point you in the right direction .  Presentation is a personal perference I chose and am partially  inclinded to be a bit dramatic after all I am My Fathers Child.   And That's My Word.


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