Friday, January 4, 2013

Beauty Finds-I HEART Thump, Thump

    I haven't updated in a  while I know but then I guess I hadn't found anything worth raving for in awhile.  I mean every fashion magazine is going to tell you that emerald green is going to be the big color for the season and that the pinks and peaches are still going to be huge this coming season so I have to dig deeper do I not.

* Well before I begin have to rave about this dress I finally found one I've been looking forever....Yah!*

   First on my list of big finds comes from Estee Lauder : to put it short it's everything you need in a nice travel case literally all you need to add is foundation and setting powder and you are good to go!

Next a few things from Lancôme Paris
Makes them Look Fake

So Many Uses its Crazy love this brush

Khole Liner


Look I created with my products
 Here is a makeup kit for the beauty on a budget I love it I have it I even bought my sister one for Christmas the colors last all day and made special for Belk and the price ranges from $50.00 to $9.99 you can actually find one on the lower end if you are lucky!

lip gloss blush eye shadow bronzer ...nice!

Leggings I love see the HUE ads in ELLE Mag
Some boots that actually fit my big fit not good on comfort though
My money strapless bra from Lane it!!

Beauty is what it is products are meant to enhance what you already have naturally and maybe cover a big no, no until it heals.  Most products have the same base ingredients so price is just that of course we all have favorites but that's just the way the cookie crumbles.....A new year maybe a fresh start but words from the wise it will be exactly like the year before if you the make the effort to change it in beauty and life ....and that's my word!!!


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