Saturday, March 1, 2014

Spring is in the Air-- Trends and Baring It All

It took me decades to update my for my New Years Post-- now here I go hitting two updates in one day/night I'm on a roll allergies & All (Benadryl) to the rescue-- well I've been seeing and noticing and itching to let you in on the obvious trends of the season-- well not all of them.... we will start with swim---sorry but this one is for my Size Sexy Divas!! Find the first suits & more on ASHLEYSTEWART.COM & THE SECOND ON FOREVER21.COM--TORRID AND LANE BRYANT HAS SOME AWESOME SUITS AS WELL!!! ON TO THE SPRING JACKETS!!--WHICH I'M LOVING AND THE COLORS OH YEAH SPOT THE TREND!! Yes a flashback to the 80's the time during which I was born denim is back 1st jacket (ASHLEYSTEWART.COM) AND vibrant shades of blue everyone- I'm loving this one because I can werk color blue in any shade (TORRID.COM) & last the faux leather is here to stay from (FOREVER21.COM)--- JUST A QUICK TOUCH ON WHAT TO KEEP AND EYE ON--- I KNOW it's been a long time up I hope you have been able to keep track of me on my other social networks (facebook, twitter, intagram) the links are on the side-- if you want to keep up with my on goings in btw my Blog posts--- Well the Benadryl is kicking full force so I have to hurry up and finish before I start typing out of the side of my head--- it is what it is but do remember every trend is not fore everyone and take those trends that work for you and make them your own--oh yeah did I mention to you that I got a promotion as the Micheal Kors specialist at work yep --AND THATS MY WORD!!

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