Thursday, June 28, 2012

Beauty in Simplicity...

 With the 4th of July right around the corner I've decided to take a different route--and give actual tip and Ideas that you can really use.

 Most of us will be attending bar-b-ques and parties --And--we all want to put our best self forward for all the pictures and memories we will have- with that said---WE ALL still want to be advice try a number like this (LONDON TIMESShop Dresses colorful number I have on  or something similar this is more of the kimono style dress that has been popular this season, but a maxi (they compliment every body type) Shop More Dresses is perfectly fine paired with a simple or not so simple perfect flat<< I have found since I've been back people in my part of the south love flats (with everything) I'm a heel diva myself but with all these hills I have figured out why..... as far as shoes go....scroll down

Beauty Shortcut Tips of the week: 

 1)  Placing your best face forward for those of you male or female with wild unmanageable eyebrows spray hairspray on a toothbrush and there you have it tamed without a trip to the salon/shop.

2) You know that glow that most movie stars always seem to have perfectly placed on there cheeks that because its just that--here's the secret get a nude lip gloss and place on the apples of your cheeks and you will have a movie star glow.
**Personally I use Fashion Fairs Shimmer Powder well unless I am in not at home and need that glow I carry a nude lip gloss with me everywhere....I know you are very welcome...


 3)  Earlier I spoke of finding the perfect pair of flats that will go with       anything  well honestly these are not my ideal, but they work perfectly fine I found these at Shoe Dept.--I won't even talk about the horrid customer service the Manager gave me--the others were awesome though--- anyways back to tip #3 open foot shoes go have plenty to do with making sure your feet are on point-- Olive oil generously rub olive oil over your feet before bed and put on socks when you  awake in the morning -- I promise the Dogs<<your feet will me nice and soft....Click on any of my favorite shopping links in the tab above and you can find a perfect flat....
Size 11/12 depending on the cut of the shoe
Hair,Makeup,Styling -Naava L.--photo: Louis Jr.

   At the end of that day regardless of what's in/out and what hot/not you have to love whatever you have on besides like my favorite saying goes "Everything style is not for every"body"....AND THAT'S MY WORD......until next time smoochies!

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