Monday, July 16, 2012

Hair & Something for the Pearly Whites

rubbing back and forward across teeth
      I have a serious problem when my false nails are whiter then my pearly whites and let me tell you I have some bright pearls. In classic Naava fashion I went on a quest to find a (NATURAL) solution to the problem and boy did I find one.  In all honesty--I have used all of the store bought teeth whiteners and my favorite actually was the Aquafresh.  The first problem with that is it's expensive and the second problem with it is it's expensive get my drift....

   I have found a solution and it's effects last longer then a day.   Sorry for those of you that are allergic I truly understand I have a fruit allergy though I don't plan on revealing which fruit-- STRAWBERRIES--that's right they whiten the pearly whites even more. 

      There are multiply ways of achieving the whitening effects of the strawberry, but I will tell you the way I found most effective for me it is a preference you can find what works for you if you find my way to messy.


 <<<Well to be honest I first tried the paste with the baking soda and strawberries--not a big fan.


   So I went to the other method direct application for 5 min to 10 min. <<PIC UP TOP--  Then I rinse with hydrogen peroxide 1 part and water 3 parts then I brushed as normal and you finish with  flossing just in case you left a strawberry seed behind.    SOME PEOPLE MY BE ALLERGIC to the hydrogen peroxide in that case you may want to do the brush with the baking soda  which is equally taste nasty, but is known for it whitening powers.                 

         WHITE AS WHITE NICE HUH.....?


NOW A DIFFERENT CHANNEL HAIR AS I CLEARLY PROMISED IN THE TITLE....just and update newsflash whatever your preference in word play.

    Hair, hair, hair for the most part we all love our hair it is our crowning glory...I just wanted to drop a note and let you all know that bangs are back with a vengeance. However you rock be in in a pony or wavy curly as my friend Gwen does better rock it with style. That covers the ummm blonds and permed divas<<<no pun intended>>> now something for well we will say a none permed woman of color texture...I think that word play works just perfectly....

   In the Black Community there is a movement of women either doing the big chop or doing a grow out with protective styling ...personally I did the grow out because 1) my tush is to big for short hair  2) my head is to big for short hair oh and  3) I would have so experienced length shock. To each her own I always most women or at least all I have run into the natural thing is suppose to some big revelation on going natural well in normal Naava fashion you know I don't feel the same-- my thing was this just as with pork I never liked it so I stopped digesting it eventually--with my hair I really disliked perms I use to be a straight natural when I was growing up until little miss lady started burning me and a whole other story--- anyways I eventually just stopped perming my hair what is so grand about wearing ya hair the way it comes out of your scalp I'm just learn to commit in a relationship not though hair you are stuck with that it's not really something you choose now you can choose not to have it by chopping it off but then that's all on you---

   Now enough ranting-- as I type this I am flipping frantically through a mound of hair magazines trying to decide what I'm going to do with my mop of hair for next week. Who knows and I am also thinking about what the next update will be about and I will either be the review of this summer hottest trends or My Hair a more in-dept look at the natural movement and product reviews and whats in my stack of goodies and how I'm about to ....oh well anyways.....


      Whatever you choose to do it well no matter what it may be a hidden talent, work and of course your hair.  Things in life will always come and go, but you will always have to live with the decision you chose to make so let no one person of little importance influence those big decisions...And that's My Word!!! 

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