Tuesday, September 11, 2012

GlamDiva on a Budget

    So in classic me fashion I submit self impossed challenges that well I dare myself to rise to when I get bored or feel stuck on the same level--well it can be aggrevating to myself but benifical to others.

    A few days ago I promised a new foundation (well for me) with stunning result--but this time there is an extra perk...it's actually affordable without a discount-- it has formulas for the different skin types, 24 hr staying power and a flawless almost undetectable finish that covers and blends perfectly without much cellphone transfer<<--makeup wearers know what that is>>>


   Oh and it's of Department store Quality because that what it was originally marketed as---until Walmart threw the big dollars their way or atleast that what it seems happened......

Revlon Colorstay true to the name I'm Caramel
                                        Not to forget the finisher that holds it all in place....
Translucent Finishing Powder
Now I'm going to go on my rant for those that are not knowledgable in knowing that liquid makeup is not made to penetrate the skin and does not and will not break you out (there are exceptions like alergies) it's how you take care of your skin and what you put in your body that does that. And even for those exeptions there is special makeup for that....every woman wants to razzle and dazzle every now and then there is nothing wrong with exploring and finding your other beauty...


Natural Beauty is all always will top any form of beauty but hey every girl likes to play dress up even the the tomboy types....And That's My Word!

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