Sunday, May 26, 2013

Feel Your P.H.A.T. Assetz--

      The PROBLEM with Stylcon being now so plus size friendly is well to be quiet frank--I'm a mean P.H.A.T. chica I say what's on my mind caring less who, what , when OR  where doesn't like it.  Think about it how can I give advice on plus style and fashion tiptoeing around the fact that a lot and I do mean a lot of my big girls wear things that --JUST ARENT MEANT FOR THEM!!! In lames terms most people even the slim divas don't know how to dress their body types.  I'm sorry once you get past a certain age you already know what is or isn't a no, no- you may not know quite how to style it &  that my divas is where I come in.
      Now that we have that understanding, understand this, I am not at all telling you not to be the most confident and fierce you do so -PLEASE work it from every angle, work every roll, dent and dimple I have dimples on my lower back...ha, ha.  I urge you to FEEL YOURSELF!!!! I'm feeling myself -- as well as some of the seasons trends that are reemerging...i.e., the leopard print, well to be honest animal print in general.

  Bright Colors in the makeup and clothing oh my I'm just a bundle of joy --COLOR IS MY SECRET LOVE  LOVE...

AND Speaking of color know the ombre trend in everything from clothing to hair well view my new Lancôme pallet and be so jealous ill probably be flexing with the ombre eyes tomorrow...FEELIN MYSELF IJS

Aquatic Essence Ombre Effects Sensational Eyeshadow




                                                       MY FAVORITESnAiL TrEnDs

      I won't sit here and rephrase everything because my point really is HECK FEEL YOUR-SELF BE CONFIDENT I mean its something I swear by it opens doors in more ways then on confidence is in its own right--SEXY AS HELL!!  This is coming from the quiet meek some even think innocence me so  play it in YOUR favor.  If you don't believe me In the last 2 days I've and to very very fly men tell me just that....ha,ha and THAT'S MY WORD!!

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