Sunday, June 23, 2013

Style & The Workplace (BODYPARTS)

Macy,s  after work though

    Since it's pretty much the central location of where you can obtain the styles and fashions that we all love so- I figure why not discuss work place dress codes in the world of retail, my world.  I've worked in enough to know a few facts, though I haven't hit the ranks of Neimus Marcus yet...but that's a whole other ballgame anyways onward... you know me well enough by now to know there is plenty reason behind every post....

   At Macy's I was dawned in all black, but I  was allotted my own personality with hair, makeup and
shoes, at Lane Bryant it was no holds bar dress to impress as long as you are in dress code, everyone was larger then life be it in size or personality so no one stood out in that manner, but now- well, even
Lane Bryant won a style contest here also
though everyone does not do it as fabulously as others,  modern style of the south is the dress code at hand. What that means I guess is a complete other story, because I just couldn't tell you just what that is, though most people would think I could, down here in this place- I'll just say it I love my home, but it's full of double standards and jealously. That's what rules you just have to learn to navigate it, because there is no way around it- the dress code in the book may state one thing, but personal opinions rule.  It just does not matter if  one month you were awarded for being the best as representing our southern style in the entirety of the 360 aspect. 



     Let's start from the bottom up it will build the suspense- the fee,t as long as you dawn a heel the thong style shoe is now workplace appropriate and any other shoe that dawns a heel though personally there are some shoes  that fit this description that I wouldn't agree is work place appropriate, but once again it personal opinion- right- that's what matters.


     In this section I'll include legs, hem lengths and hips  and boy, oh boy since this is the south why not- are we not all  CORNBREAD FED.   Skirt and dress length has to be at least  3 inches above the knee no shorter. The fit well it all depends, personally I like to dress myself so that, my shape, though much larger then most, is complimented which means A lines fitted or loose as long as it's not a club dress .  I'm a dress type of diva- well at work  anyways.


     This is always the fun part they aren't called fun bags for no reason .  Now this is the sensitive area,
I do work retail and not in a bar serving drinks this I know, but I also know that as long as I continue to pin the clothes <<<<<which by the way destroys them overtime and no one is giving me money for their replacement,  I am still in dress code.  The fact still stands that  I am  a G CUP.  I buy better bras for goodness sake I don't even wear bras from where I work  they don't come in my size and I'm GET THIS " A TRAINNED BRA SPECIALIST"  so how do I sell bras that I can't wear?  Good question  I guess I'm just gifted, and I'm sure the fact that my girls sit up and not hang to my knees has something to do with it, and I wont even get started on the shape wear new school term for girdles since they have been redesigned to be virtually undetectable and cool to the touch. Foundation is key!!

      With that being said basically it's stated we must wear the correct foundation to work starting underneath  or even then, we are out of dress code. So in so many words no jiggling buns or flab is allowed I mean how would the customers know the correct way to dress if they don't have good example from the people that specialize in it.
      How much leg is to much leg, are my thunder thighs a reason to be put on blast in a meeting, even though its within dress code, are MY larger then life breast a reason to be put on blast even though I'm within dress code. I mean the suits never have a complaint about me. I am Beautiful I am large and larger then life, but is it any reason to treat me any different life is not fair, but in certain traces and certain places the LAW states otherwise....AND THAT'S MY WORD!!!

proper foundation

on lunch break tucked and pinned

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