Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Summer (time) Glow (Summer is here)


  Well the first day of summer has come and past and we all want a glow that can't be rivaled. Well ladies and gents with the help of my local Estee Lauder Associate, and a bit of tweaking of my own-- you know I have to tweak everything-- I have just that the perfect glow and this one goes to the top of the rainbow and back. It works on any skin tone how about that!

      I first discovered this look while on my quest to find the perfect foundation, believe it or not my skin was going though some weird changes ( it was lightening at a rapid pace) though spring and the sun was in the air.  ANYWAY-- I was introduced to a different way to play in the paint, a sisters secret was shared with me and I was given permission to share it with you all and YOU get my version as well, I don't call it playing in the paint for nothing.

   The look to the right was done not using a self tanning bronzer   just      the regular liquid bronzer and a powder bronzer to set and seal the bronze look.  Its a personal perference as well as applying the liquid with my fingers it gives a more flawless look.  The Glow is from the gold seashell looking bit you see in the 2nd to last pic below takes very little.                     

The First Try At the summer glow done at the local Estee Lauder counter. The main focus are the bronzers this look was done using a self tanning liquid bronzer, and a powder bronzer ,yes brown skin looks beautiful with self tanners as well.

These are My Products of choice when putting my glowing face in place only sometimes I opt not to do bold lips in that case I just use some gloss or lipchap with liner usually a brown or black just to neaten things up.

                                                                                                                                                                                           So no big I told you at the end of this one, well ok, I HAVE ONE which happens to be my favorite- FOUNDATION, and in this case I am referring to the skin.  It is the single largest organ  on the human  body it has to be healthy and treated well. Makeup is just a cover that has to be washed off at some point so take care of it, water it, find a good cleanser and use it every night,  good health creates a smooth layer to play with your makeup on : makeup can create an illusion which I personally do very often, but what matters most is whats underneath the fascade--AND That's My Word!!

Makeup: Naava -Hair: Jasmine W. follow on insta-@imblessed_withbeauty

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