Saturday, August 31, 2013

All WHITE everything

So last night was one of the first events of the season--the All White Affair--
How was it?
The people were beautiful-- well most of them this is a style blog so I will say this --everything is not meant for every (body) and I put the emphasis on BODY.
And I must say my plus beauties were representing ...had my phone not gone dead....well

I love the twist she put on the white and her face was glowing just Beautiful.
The drinks well bottle popping was all over the place...
Music was perfect something for everyone
The photographer took and provided pictures in a timely manner
Food well there's the snag the idea of what was served was nice and no offense to the cook ,but I've tasted better way better ,but those deviled eggs and chicken salad was on point everything else--was mediocre at best taste wise---I have to give my honest opinion OVERALL
I HAVE TO GIVE "the ALL WHITE AFFAIR" 4 out of 5 stars
I took a star for food you know we like GOOD food everybody had to go hit the Dodge Store up...I had a little chat with the clerk
Sorry I don't have more pictures phone went dead but this is what I do have ...

Beauty, fun, music,people can't wait until the next one--I won't even tell you how it's taken too long to get the dress I was supposed to wear--I still don't have it --but I'm not gonna bash where I ordered it from karma's a teenage mean girl...and that's my word!!

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