Thursday, September 5, 2013

Summers End is Near-- a rehash!!!

With summers end right around the corner I've decided to go ahead and do a rehash of my favorite trends and styles . THAT BIG ANNOUNCEMENT I've been talking about yeah I'm going to go ahead and make that to...just decided to give the readers something NEW... Oh not until the end though ... So read on!

Summer Trends I Did Indulge-- in a Stylish Way!!

Starting from the top--HAIR

The big headpiece flowers--

My natural hair--not a trend to me November will mark 3 years...

Big hair oh yes I did and I werked it! 10 year class reunion...pic

I loved this trend in natural hair though I don't do the light dyes-- my lil sis y'all ...

Last but not least the Brazilian virgin Remy wavy-- my fav you will be seeing this again---


The natural golden glow...

Turquoise and blue -- love it... You will see this on into the fall

The Bronze Glow-- beautiful right...well the makeup is to-- my older sister y'all can't believe she let me do hair and makeup...a miracle !!

The lips-- y'all know red is my signature-- Chanel Passion love love

This to I mastered it--oh and my customers at work loved it-- to bad I'm not in cosmetics anymore

Can y'all believe she let me put a pink on her--big look this summer --she did kidnap me that's why I was looking like that

The pink bold and beautiful--all we do is bump heads but I love this woman to death--fashion fair actually has something close to this I would recommend though --I'm positive that's that Nicki Minaji (Mac) she is wearing--follower her on Instagram @boldisbecause

A collage of some of my eye looks that were my favorites once I started back doing my eyes---shadows from LancĂ´me & WINK follow them on Instagram @winkyoureyes


The bold geographic shoes--Target

Animal on my feet---

You know-- the unprescribed glasses

This one goes under random b/c it's a 2 in 1 ok 3 --the pink makeup we have been seeing all summer the hair -color and texture and the American flag trend that he is wearing--HUGE this summer

Just a trend I love-- the oversized clutch --follow on Instagram @realdivasarelarge

Couldn't bring myself to do it but lil sis indulged--those are her real nails btw--

**CLOTHING TRENDS OF THE SUMMER--boy did I indulge!!

Started with the linen since-- that shirt up top is also linen

Houndstooth --this one will be around for the fall-- in all forms y'all

Skinny leg everything--and tubes galore

I told y'all print was here to stay for awhile expect it all fall

One of my favorite customers one of my favorites of the summer the sheer top and the maxi skirt and trust she werked it

Yes I did and do...pencil skirts were everywhere and guess what it's not ending --they are coming back with a vengeance--and I'm so excited --Lane Bryant has a few I want

The sheer everything well I went there with my tops at least...

Black & white pinstripe and crop-top all in one yes I did...this one is going in into the fall Blk & wh...

Last but not least the high low dress ---I like to fell out when I heard my mom refer to it as that...I knew I had the fashion bug from mom & dad!!!

SINCE ITS PART OF weight loss progress I will share that with you all...

Before and after--- work in progress

Before and after---the 30 day squat challenge worked as u can see....protein and water in the mornings--- mucho water throughout the day --Ill be honest I still stay away from the scale so I don't know how much weight I have lost but I can wear 14w in dresses now and a lot if 16 in jeans....Down from 18w and 20w

Ill be adding a new feature to the blog call style divas of fashion where-- there is a chance to be featured on STYLECON-- all you have to do is submit 3 tasteful high quality pix---and iPhone pix do count ---to and include links to your Facebook and /or Instagram submitting private pages will result in you being skipped--you must also be following the blog-- Stylecon's Instagram @naaval2stylecon & Facebook --
Those featured will also get an insta shoutout feature and be featured on Facebook page ...

ON A PERSONAL NOTE::: my favorite moments of the summer

Meeting my beautiful niece for the first time--she already has my heart strings y'all

My Grandma's 85th birthday--i got to go for a little while--she's a cancer like myself....

My trip to Biloxi--it was so freeing

Beauty, style and fashion is is what you make plussize queen or not so take what you like from it forget the rules and werk it....and That's My Word!!!!

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