Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Beauty and a Red Dress

I love the "age of the flapper" its when different was naughty and showing skin...was well just not Ladylike. Lets be straightforward though I love the way they dressed not the customs or unspoken rules if the time. The dress that laced my body this weekend was straight out of the pages of a magazine --only it was a blast of the past ---and I was in love y'all !!!
...so here is the dress and shoes and all the goody info on them....

DRESS: Belk -SHOES: Belk (unlisted) - HAIR/MAKEUP: by me (foundation) LancĂ´me (lipstick) Chanel ...you can shop it at www.belk.com

With that being said there Is a huge comeback in a style trend and ill be revealing that in my next update!!!!
ALSO STYLECON'S first Style Vixen of the Week!!!
Need less to say anyone that knows me knows my favorite color is RED!! So Lady in Red I was...HOPE YOU ALL ENJOYED IT ....because it was fun puttin that look together !!!
The Hair
I'm including this first because it part if the look and second because I was asked to---

This is actually how the back looked i never really let it hang--I used the oversized pin to pin it folding hair up and into s semi tight bun (the front) is curled back and then pinned back more for effect



For hair product details check out my instavideo--on Instagram @naaval2stylecon

Remember Dolls be who you want to be --size is just a number on the scale--and in the "age of the flapper" bones were for dogs--so ruff, ruff.....And that's my WORD!

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