Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall Trends and STYLE VIXEN of the WEEK!!!

Well I decided to save the treat of the Style Vixen of the  Week first appearance until the Fall hit so here go Miss Drica---
Drica's philosophy may be simple, but her style choices may change at the drop of a dime

The Interview was Short in sweet--one of the things I like about--Drica is she gets straight the point usually with a smile and a laugh.

 Me: So What's your Style Philosophy--
Drica: Well I'm just a simple southern gal my style philosophy is simple I   love layering, long flowy skirts (anything feminine and pretty) and I love denim.

We were interviewing on our break and lunch and our beautiful Fashion Fair Cosmetologist--input which I agree with it not just the outside that shines with Drica it is her Beautiful Personality--She is a True Definition of a Southern Beauty inside and out! One of her favorite shopping spots is Belk Dept. Store you can check them out at .You can follow her on instagram @only1drica and see what her story really is about...




1) Fitted Jacket & button down shirt paired with skinny leg denim & leopard close toe heels (also try the new silhouette shirts for a different look)

2) Sweater Dress paired with an Infiniti Scarf (scarf made by myself) and finished with matching jewelry & the perfect boot--this years trend riding boot of the season would go fabulously with the look as well.

3) Must have pencil skirts and tailored pants are back in for the season & hopefully it sticks around paired with a cute shoe with a  pop of color & a statement bracelet.

4)This last one is my favorite trend the legging with the accent leather paired with an open front cardigan accented with leather on the shoulders and finished with a nude shoe accessorized with statement earrings and a skinny belt

Love those jeans or my dress look below--click the link on the right to connect to one of my secret shops

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 Style is what you make it your personality determines your style every trend is not for everybody so go with what     works for you....there are rules, but if you have true style you know that rules are meant to be broken and that's my words.


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