Sunday, September 29, 2013

STYLECON: A Reintroduction of (SizeSexy) Fashion, Style & Beauty

Leopard Trend Print of the fall
     I often get asked what is STYLECON what's the point &  purpose why do you do it?  Well STYLECON, is my brainchild my baby a passion that started as a hobby that was just an outlet to get my thoughts on paper--ever meet anyone that thinks faster then they could possibly write or talk well now you have.  She started as a spot for me to talk style, fashion and beauty for a demographic that similar to myself, but just needed a little help.  I didn't have a specific goal when I started STYLECON she was as scatterbrained as I normally am (to many thoughts & ideas sometimes). She (STYLECON) started as my own special place--That's It!  I soon realized that people actually read her even though they don't follow her and I made a decision to make her the best & most unique BLOG She could be. So Now What is STYLECON?

    STYLECON she is a lot of things, but mostly she, is a unique blog that is steadily being created & recreated to help the Plus Beauties of the world realize you can be a celebrity in your own right when it comes to fashion and style.   It is a blog that does not recreate the style of others ie. celebrities and it does not deliver the latest hot gossip, instead it is meant to help you find your own style by presenting the styles and trends mostly favored by myself & some that aren't in  a central (comfort zone).  I'm not knocking it because people love celebrities, and it works for those brilliant enough to do it correctly ( Garnerstyle: The Curvy Girl Guide), << one of my favorite bloggers, but ; I mean why recreate something from someone that 9 time of  10 didn't even dress themselves?!

                            HOPE I ANSWERED EVERYONES QUESTIONS!!

     Goodness knows I don't live to toot my own horn--but, I can honestly say that I have perfected the
art of walking in the room and making heads turn--literally-- I only aim to help others do the same.  Anyone that has ever experienced that-- knows the Feeling of full satisfaction!  Looking Fabulous and knowing that you do (without a doubt) when you walk in a room. It's quiet exhilarating!!!

STYLECON is on facebook, twitter and instagram if you want to get up close and personal I do lots of mini videos on insta and I am active so you can talk to me there or comment on the blog...or both.

Never forget thought that You can be as fashionable fit as anyone, but you have to realize the outfit does not make you--instead you make the outfit... AND THAT'S MY WORD!!!

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